domingo, 22 de fevereiro de 2009

Day 1 Diane Mackenzie and Her 27 days Story

First, it took me a while to get Voicethread working
Then, it was very interesting to follow Diane's story about How to build a school library in 27 days - well, not exactly buid, walls are there, but all the working of changing collection from old places to new ones, furniture placed, cables and so and so...
Amazing, and a fine opportunity to discuss many things
Diane Mackenzie is a Teacher Librarian at Hong Kong Discovery College; for some time, she worked at  Australian International School Hong Kong

Um novo recurso, audio, muito interessante, embora tenha demorado uns dias até conseguir aceder e usar: Voicethread
Evolution of a library multimedia presentation 
Diane Mackenzie é Professora Bibliotecária TL no Discovery College de Hong Kong; trabalhou na Escola Internacional Australiana em Hong Kong

Portuguese Eye on School Libraries

A demanding title, many hours providing for searching and discouvering.
Why Portuguese Eye?
Because whenever I look at, hear from (voicethread), read and write on this learning platform TSL is becoming each day more and more, I always have in mind Portuguese speaking School Libraries, in Portugal, Brasil and other Portuguese speaking countries and communities (migrants included, all over the world)

Portuguese Eye it is, but many approaches are global and more common than we could think.


This blog is a personal notes archive during Online Course Transforming School Libraries (Feb. 20-March 01), promoted by  Your School Library

Other colleagues have done their own blogs too. Sharing is a Web 2.0 word, nas so it is loosing-memory, so we all need our notes to get back to important information.
Today, I noticed these above, but Ii'm sure there are going to born many more:

I'll use English, sometimes Portuguese

Sorry not to tranlate always, but I'm short timer.

Blog diário de um curso online que estou frequentando. Como outros colegas fizeram, para partilhar e não esquecer. Usarei Inglês e Português (às vezes). Peço desculpa de não usar sempre textos bilingues, mas o tempo escasseia