domingo, 22 de fevereiro de 2009

Day 1 Diane Mackenzie and Her 27 days Story

First, it took me a while to get Voicethread working
Then, it was very interesting to follow Diane's story about How to build a school library in 27 days - well, not exactly buid, walls are there, but all the working of changing collection from old places to new ones, furniture placed, cables and so and so...
Amazing, and a fine opportunity to discuss many things
Diane Mackenzie is a Teacher Librarian at Hong Kong Discovery College; for some time, she worked at  Australian International School Hong Kong

Um novo recurso, audio, muito interessante, embora tenha demorado uns dias até conseguir aceder e usar: Voicethread
Evolution of a library multimedia presentation 
Diane Mackenzie é Professora Bibliotecária TL no Discovery College de Hong Kong; trabalhou na Escola Internacional Australiana em Hong Kong

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